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5 Virtual Fitness Apps To Explore During Coronavirus

Mar 28, 2022 | 0 comments

Running clubs have dismantled, gyms and leisure centres have closed and self-isolation is only drawing attention to the much trafficked-parks for joggers. It’s officially time to whip out our smart devices and keep fit at home. 

Searching the web for workout routines has become a popular destination for many of us over the past week, and long before COVID-19 emerged. It’s a sure-fire way to keep on top of monotonous 13 minute HIIT classes, listening to the same dead-beat soundtrack- the musical equivalent of knives scratching plates. 

Right here, right now, we’re calling all swimmers, runners, gym-goers, and all those who’ve never even considered working out to check out these 5 virtual fitness apps to keep physically and mentally well over the coming weeks of self-isolation and social distancing.

1. Sworkit

One of the most popular apps for getting in shape from the comfort of your own home is Sworkit. It functions as a sort of playlist for fitness routines and allows users to choose between strength and conditioning, cardio, stretches or yoga. 

In essence, its a personal trainer app without the fees that come with actual hired help. The range of programmes will guide all users from beginners to budding athletes over the course of a few weeks. Perfect for the time we’ll all be spending indoors, indefinitely. 

Many people have struggled in particular, with coming to terms with missing out on physical therapy, and other demands. Sworkit comes with niche programmes too. From pre and post-pregnancy routines to rehabilitation tips for injuries.

Sworkit is super user friendly, and easy to set up. Download it on iPhone, Android or web and begin following the videos that show you how to do the exercises. Justify the £55 annual cost by committing to the app. Make sure you have plenty of space. If you don’t have weights or dumbells, simply use household objects of similar weight. 

Despite the cost, it’s relatively cheaper than an actual PT and keeps you safe and fit indoors.

2. Nike Training Club

One of the best apps to help you get stronger is the Nike Training ClubThe app includes a great variety of individual workouts as well as multi-week training programs. Best news of all, this app is free. And unlike other free apps, there are no pressures to upgrade to paid or premium versions. 

Users can browse different exercises for all muscle groups, to really target their personalised routines. They can also choose between different workout types, like endurance, strength and yoga. It gives users the option to specify what equipment they already have, but don’t worry- there are plenty of programs requiring none at all. 

Getting started is easy. Simply register for an account and answer a few questions about yourself, current fitness and your goals. Once modified, the app is ready to go and for you to start working out. Simply pick a workout or set up a training plan. It’s incredibly user friendly and will guide you through, step by step.

3. Aaptiv

Welcome to the app with thousands of voice-guided workouts at your fingertips. Compatible with Android, Apple Watch and iPhone, you can finally put the devices down and listen to clear, motivational workout instructions.

Aaptiv talks you through each step of each activity, removing the need to prop your phone up or interrupt your flow mid-stretch as you follow along. It also features a cool soundtrack, so don’t worry about creating a playlist in a different app. 

Simply log in, and set your fitness goal. You’ll be prompted to give a list of all the equipment you have, so it can tailor workouts towards your abilities. Once again, this app has thousands of routines that use your own bodyweight. 

Icking a routine is made easy as they’re all categorised into estimated duration and difficulty level. Start ratings from other users can also be a good indication of the value of the routine and helps you make your choice. 

Find the buzz of a real gym class through the motivational tones and relentless encouragement you’ll receive through the trainers. The app charges a monthly fee of £13 a month and is discounted when the year is paid in full. The financial commitment is accompanied by over 3,000 classes and tons of challenges to make sure you’re always doing something new and working all your muscles. 

Sign up for the free trial to get a feel for everything Apptiv has to offer. 

4. Down Dog

Perhaps one of the only fitness routines we should all be incorporating into our daily lives is yoga. In a time of global crisis playing emotional havoc on all of us, it’s more important than ever to spend 20 minutes a day focusing on peace and relaxation. 

Down Dog has everything we need to get started. You can completely customise your settings in the app, and make sure you never do the same sequence twice. Whether you want a full practice or something a little more restorative, the option’s yours.

With five experience levels to choose from, everyone is catered for. Users can also choose from six instructor voices- a feature very few yoga apps offer, and an important one when the voice-over begins to get on your nerves. 

When you’ve finished customising, Down Dog generates a personalised yoga sequence for you. All that’s left to do is roll out your mat and find your zen. Yoga classes can be expensive, and the best apps charge a pretty penny. But Down Dog is now offering free membership due to the coronavirus outbreak, to do their part in keeping us fit, calm and indoors.

5. ClassPass Live

Welcome a variety of high-intensity workouts into your home- just as you would, the gym with ClassPass Live. Each class is a super-efficient short burst of 30 minutes and can be stacked up for longer workouts when wanted.

Download it on iPhone or Android and make use of its range of cardio, strength and yoga workouts, within the same app. 2,000 previously recorded workouts have been made free!

The app’s user-friendly interface lets you find the best workout for you easily. Simply open the ClassPass app and click Explore Digital Workouts. Scroll through your options and get started with your choice. From full-body to abs, lower body and arms, your 30-minute class will provide you with additional express digital workouts too. Scroll to the bottom of the page to check them out. 

Some classes require additional equipment. For yoga and HIIT, you’ll only need a mat and a lot of energy! So make sure you check out these requirements before starting a class.


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